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What is the life span of solar panel batteries

What is the Lifespan of Solar Panel Batteries?

Why Install a Solar Battery? Today, homeowners who make the switch to solar energy have more options than ever when it comes to their home solar system. Homeowners who want simplicity can opt for a classic grid-tied solar PV system that allows them to benefit from both solar energy and

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What to expect when you get a home solar audit

What To Expect When You Get a Home Solar Audit

For homeowners who are looking to install solar panels, the first step is usually a solar audit. The solar audit determines if your roof is a good candidate for solar, how much your solar PV system will be capable of producing, and how much money you’ll save on your utility

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Tesla Powerwall review

Tesla Powerwall Review

Ever since its inception in 2003, Tesla has positioned itself as an industry-leading producer of affordable electric vehicles. Elon Musk, the (sometimes controversial) CEO of Tesla, is an ardent promoter of clean energy and sustainability. In 2015, the automaker entered the home energy storage market with their home battery, the

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solar panel efficiency over time

Solar Panel Efficiency Over Time

A Brief History of Solar Panels Solar panels have gained immense popularity over the last few years, but they aren’t a novel technology. Back in 1869, Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist, first discovered the photovoltaic effect — the generation of voltage and electric current in a cell when it is

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Solar Panels In Oregon

Solar Panels In Oregon

Oregonians who are considering solar energy for their homes are lucky to benefit from a wide range of extremely solar-friendly statewide policies that are designed to make it easy for homeowners to make the switch. And, despite Oregon’s infamous rainy and cloudy days, solar panels in Oregon still produce a

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33 facts about solar energy and solar panels

33 Facts About Solar Energy and Solar Panels

The sun has served humanity as a principal source of power for far longer than most people realize. Humans have been harnessing solar energy for over 2700 years. The first evidence of using solar radiation through a magnifying glass to make fire dates back to 700 BC! The Romans and

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choosing the best solar panels

2021 Guide To Choosing The Best Solar Panels

When it comes to solar, there is no one-size fits all solution. In fact, there are several factors that influence which solar panels will best suit your home. In particular, your roof size and the amount of shade your roof receives, as well as the overall climate in your area,

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Selling Solar Energy

Can You Sell Solar Energy Back To The Power Company?

The short answer: Yes, but that shouldn’t be your goal. Going solar will undoubtedly save you money, but it doesn’t necessarily generate income. Read on to understand why. What Does Selling Solar Power Back to the Utility Company Mean? When people refer to selling energy back to the power company,

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Is Solar Power Really Worth It?

Is Solar Power Worth It in 2021?

Is solar power really worth it? This is the question that all homeowners who are considering going green ask themselves. And the question that usually follows it is: Is it worth it in my state, or my city? For most people living in the U.S., the answer is yes. Solar

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What Is A Grid Tied Solar System

What Is a Grid-Tied Solar System?

What is the Difference Between a Grid-Tied Solar System and an Off-Grid Solar System? When you choose to go solar, you can choose between a grid-tied solar system and an off-grid system. Below, we’ll explain the differences—including the reasons why most people opt for grid tied solar systems. A grid-tied

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How Long Do Solar Panels typically Last

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

When it comes to solar, potential buyers want to know how long their investment will last. Since investing in solar is a big decision, and most of us just don’t like it when things don’t age well, the question makes sense. And when it comes to technology, some things might

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How much does solar panel installation cost

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in 2023?

In 2010, it would have cost homeowners around $40,000 (approximately $7 per watt) to install solar panels that could fully power their homes. A decade later, the average solar panel installation cost has fallen to $18,000 (approximately $3 per watt) — that’s a 70% decrease in prices. The math behind

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What Is An Off The Grid Solar System

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System? 

What is the Difference Between a Grid-Tied Solar System and an Off-Grid Solar System? When you decide to power your home with solar energy, you have the option to choose between an off-grid solar system and a grid-tied solar system. Let’s break down the differences between each of these types

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can solar panels completely power a house?

Can Solar Panels Completely Power A House?

If there is one constant in our lives, it’s the sun. We rarely think about the hot ball of hydrogen and helium that (literally) lightens our day and keeps our crops alive, but we should be, especially now that ditching fossil fuels in favor of green energy is becoming an

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Solar Inspection

What Should I Expect When I Go Solar?

We’ve been in the solar industry long enough to have helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners switch to clean, renewable energy. Choosing the right solar dealer is important, and we understand how difficult it can be to select a knowledgeable solar integrator. We want you to know that you

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Solar Panel in Washington

Does Solar Make Sense in Washington?

When it comes to solar, last year’s facts are this year’s fiction. The solar industry changes at a rapid pace, leaving prospective solar buyers reading old news when trying to make a decision. This can often get in the way of Washingtonians making well-informed choices about their solar energy needs. To ensure you get

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Does Solar Make Sense in Oregon?

When it comes to solar, last year’s facts are this year’s fiction. The solar industry changes at a rapid pace, leaving prospective solar buyers reading old news when trying to make a decision. This can often get in the way of Oregonians making well-informed choices about their solar energy needs.

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Property Get Enough Sunlight to Qualify For Solar

Does My Property Get Enough Sunlight to Qualify For Solar?

Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF) Total Solar Resource Fraction is a solar industry term that just means the total sunlight an evaluated area will collect throughout a given year. TSRF accounts for things like tree shading, roof tilt, and roof orientation. An area with 100% TSRF represents a space that

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