Despite the cloudy weather, solar power is increasingly becoming more popular with business owners in the Pacific Northwest. Companies that switch to solar energy are becoming more environmentally friendly while saving money on their utility bills and locking in their electricity rates. If you’re considering solar in 2024, you owe it to yourself to get the best possible education on your available solar options.

Most people think that solar power is going to be expensive, and, in past years, they would be right—traditionally, solar technology has been extremely pricey. However, in the last decade, the cost of going solar has dropped by a whopping 55%. There are also a variety of Oregon and Washington solar energy incentives and no-money-down financing options available, which makes it easier than ever for businesses to save thousands of dollars in energy costs each year.


The federal and state financial incentives for switching to solar in 2024 are unbeatable.

Oregon Incentives

Washington Incentives


We will always treat you with honesty, respect, and stellar customer service. All of our expert solar technicians are industry licensed, factory trained, and certified.


When it comes to solar energy, last year’s facts are this year’s fiction. The solar industry changes at a rapid pace, leaving prospective solar buyers reading old news when trying to make a decision. This can often get in the way of businesses making well-informed choices about their solar energy needs.


Retail electricity rates have risen drastically across the Oregon and Washington in the last 10 years. The trend of utility companies continuing to raise electricity rates is unlikely to change in the near future.


Solar electric systems qualify for a wide variety of federal and state solar incentives, reducing your overall cost by an average of $26,770.


Solar power uses clean, renewable energy, and it doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases or pollution. When you go green, you give your company a sustainable edge.


A commercial system that’s 25 kilowatts in size has dropped from the (pre-incentive) price of $150,000 to about $72,000 since 2010. That’s a decrease of over 55% in the span of 10 years.

25-Year Warranties

Our systems come with a 25 year warranty on all materials and services performed. Any required repairs will be performed at our expense. This is in addition to all of our manufacturer’s warranties.


Germany leads the world in solar power production, yet it’s slightly cloudier than it is here in Oregon and Washington. Much like Germany, we benefit from long summer days with mild temperatures, which are ideal conditions for maximum solar production.



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We used Smart Solar Energy out of Medford Oregon to get solar panels installed on my home. They were referred to us by a friend and Jordan was the salesperson who helped us. He was very knowledgeable and explained all the pros and cons of going solar. In the end, the pros outweighed the minimal cons and helped my wife and I make the decision to go solar. The pricing was very competitive and the installation was done professionally. We always felt like we were being kept in the loop with them. They even checked back in to see how we were doing after the installation. Overall, we’re very happy with our decision and are glad to be saving some money!

Sylvia M.
Medford, Oregon
I care about saving money. I care about the investment known as my home. Working with Smart Solar Energy has been such a pleasure! As someone who cares about the environment, it’s important to me to make sure the company I go with feels the same way. They did a very thorough job and were careful to make sure I was aware of what the next steps were in the installation process. The process of getting the roof surveyed and getting solar panels was pain and stress free. I highly recommend Smart Solar Energy out of Bend Oregon because of the quality and respect they provided to me in this process of getting solar panels on my roof. As Oregon is progressing towards renewable energy, I’m glad Smart Solar Energy is the team I'm with. They work with you and for you. I highly recommend!

Jerry L.
Bend, Oregon
The search for solar is a daunting and scary task. With so many choices and so many options it makes it tough to decide which direction to go. Everyone is looking to make your money. Thankfully, I came across Smart Solar Energy in Portland, Oregon. The salesperson was incredibly honest and straightforward. The process was handheld all the way through till the end and they dealt with all my senseless worries and any problems that occurred extremely professionally and quickly. I recommend them to any and everyone that asks me about the solar on my home. Oh, and the work was done very nicely, panels look great, crew was very clean, and my place was left spotless after all was said and done. Highly recommend Smart Solar Energy to anyone looking to go solar!

Sally F.
Portland, Oregon
After almost 2 years of research and multiple solar power company interviews, none of them compared to Smart Solar Energy. They were very professional and thorough. I didn’t feel pressured anytime during the process. The solar consultant understood my needs and some of the headwinds I was facing with such a long term commitment. The fact that their installation company installed more solar in Oregon and Washington than anyone else, combined with the high quality panels made my decision that much easier. The installation went flawless even though some uneventful weather delayed it. The entire process from start to finish took about 40 days. I highly recommend that Smart Solar Energy out of Longview, Washington be one of your finalists when it comes to your solar energy needs.

Kathy T
Longview, Washington
Just had my solar installed last week! After a year of research and quotes from companies, reviews, systems, material, panels used I finally decided on Smart Solar Energy out of Salem Oregon. Boy did my research payoff. Jordan the salesman explained everything. He didn't waste my time by trying to push me in a direction I wasn't interested. He was knowledgeable and helped me come up with a plan that fit best for what my wants and needs were. Then it moved to my project manager. He was there to explain where we were in the process and ensure it all was taken care of. Install day came. They did a great job and it looks great. They explained what they were doing throughout the process and how it all works together. After install they contacted me to explain how to monitor the solar being produced.

Rick H.
Salem, Oregon


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