What Should I Expect When I Go Solar?

Solar Inspection
We’ve been in the solar industry long enough to have helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners switch to clean, renewable energy. Choosing the right solar dealer is important, and we understand how difficult it can be to select a knowledgeable solar integrator. We want you to know that you can trust us to deliver topnotch solar education, service, equipment, and installation.
Here’s what happens when you choose to go solar with us:

Step 1: Consultation

We’ll perform one of our proprietary solar audits to confirm whether or not your property is a good candidate for solar. If it is, we’ll help identify your solar options, energy savings, available incentives, and how much solar you’ll generate.

Step 2: Design Proposal

One of our engineers will produce a digitally rendered design of your property with your solar panels. We understand that each property is different, so we go to great lengths to ensure your system is uniquely matched to your specific solar energy needs.

Step 3: Installation

Once our solar audit is complete, we’ll obtain all necessary permits and install the system on your property. A certified electrician will then connect your system to your existing electricity meter. We’ll then arrange for your utility provider to install what we call a net meter. A net meter spins in both directions, tracking both your energy consumption, and how much energy your solar system is putting back into the power grid.

Step 4: Start Saving

Once your installation is complete, you can put an end to your monthly power bill. And instead of using fossil fuel-generated electricity that is harmful to the environment, solar energy is completely clean and sustainable. When you go solar you can enjoy risk-free access to renewable power that puts money in your pocket and benefits the environment.

Does Solar Make Sense For You?

We believe in educating our prospective clients so you can make wellinformed decisions about your solar energy needs. Our Free Solar Audit will help you understand whether your property is a good candidate for solar. From there, we can make recommendations based on the incentives available to you and develop a unique plan that addresses your solar energy needs.
Solar Energy

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